Our promise is enable our customers to grow more with less

The best irrigation system is the one custom designed for you

About MAA (Mahajan Agro Agencies)

MAA is the leader in smart irrigation solutions for a sustainable future. MAA delivers innovative solutions to growers of all sizes from small holders to large scale agricultural producers in the country. Founded in 2007, Today MAA provides diverse solutions from state of the art drippers to advanced Automated Systems for agriculture, green houses landscaping and mining accompanied by expert agronomic, technical and operational support. Specializing in end to end solutions from the water source to the root zone, MAA delivers turnkey irrigation and green house projects, supported by engineering and project management services. MAA’s market leading solutions are helping the world grow more with less.

  • Legacy of working in all segments of irrigation
  • Most popular filters with high filtration surface
  • Customer centric approach
  • Ethical business policies
  • Transparency in all the business dealings

Our Services

Survey and Design

We provides products Survey (with the help of GPS), Design and Planning of all types of irrigation systems. A sophisticated...


MAA is a leader in the field of micro irrigation in India. Our extensive installation team provides following systems installation services...


MAA offers complete know- how and guidance to their customers for their specific needs of cropping. Our agronomy...


We provide total services to set up lift irrigation, micro irrigation, landscape and play grounds watering system, water management in green house projects...

After Sales Services

We believe the after sales services are a major imperative for customer satisfaction and a team of trained in..

24/7 Support

MAA believes in going a step ahead to serve the farm community. We have a full fledged Customer Relationship Management...

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“Mahajan Agro Agencies” by two visionary peoples Late T.B. Mahajan and Mr. Haresh T. Mahajan to become India’s leading Wholesale Trading and Service Provider Company. A rapidly growing industry to SAVE every drop of water, power, labor and fertilizer to increase crop yield and make India self-sufficient country in food supply. Our company provides to give quality products and services.

Our company is committed to sustainable development and irrigation for better plant growth to use less resources. Smart drip and micro irrigation for a sustainable future. Helping the nation grow with less. we help our customers produce, more yields and better crop with less resources. Working with nature, not against it. Sustainable productivity benefits not only business but also the environment. By empowering our customers to use land, water and energy in more efficient and responsible ways, we help to protect countries natural resources. Focusing our resources to better serve customers.

MAA is committed to deliver innovative and effective water resource management products and services to meet the needs of our existing and potential customers through continual improvement in quality management system and involvement of the entire team. “Quality is our priority”.

Who We Are?

We are one of the leading companies in the field of Micro Irrigation, Drip Irrigation, PVC Pipes & Fittings Wholesale Traders and trained Installers in India. MAA offers a wide range of products and solution in the field of precise irrigation and intensive agriculture cultivation. Our solutions include complete tailored drip and sprinkler irrigation system and turnkey projects for all agriculture sectors such as row crops, horticulture green houses plantations, orchards, nurseries and more.

MAA’s services includes Survey, Planning and Design facilities for Drip, Mini and Micro Sprinklers, Foggers, Misters, Fertigation Equipments, HDPE Sprinkles Pipes etc. for varies field crops, horticulture crops, plantations, landscapes, green houses and poly houses irrigation system.

What We Do?

We offer a wide range of products and solutions in the fields of precise irrigation and intensive agriculture cultivation. Our solutions includes Complete Customized Drip Irrigation and Sprinkles Irrigation System and Turnkey Projects for all agriculture sectors such as row crops, horticulture, green houses plantations, orchards, nurseries and more.

Our range of services includes Survey (with GPS), Planning and Design facilities for Drip, Mini Sprinklers, Foggers , Misters, Fertigation Equipments, HDPE Pipes, Filters, PVC Ball Valves and Fittings, Automation, etc. for various field crops, horticulture crops, plantation. Landscape Green House and Poly House Irrigation System with More Expertise-Less Risk.

Our promise

Our promise is as simple as it is ambitions to enable our customers to grow more with less. Having lineage global leader in smart drip and micro irrigation solutions for a sustainable future. MAA helps the country grow more with less. This means achieving better quality crops and higher yields in cost effective manner while using less of the worlds limited resources water, land and energy. From day one, we have been committed to achieving realistic, long lasting and sustainable results across the country.

We view each challenge through the eyes of our customers, which gives us a better, understanding of the opportunities and risk at hand. Delivering state of the art technology, dependable agronomic expertise and capacity building training, our teams are dedicated to helping our customers achieve their goals. For us, this is the first step along a shared journey of successful parternership.

Welcome To Our Agro Services

“Commitment to Quality, Our Way of Delivering Prosperity.”

Our special Team

Haresh Mahajan

Chairman and MD(Marketing)

Amarchand soni

MD (Human Resource)

Dipak Mahajan

MD (Installation)

Our Portfolio



  1. Reduce water depletion and contamination
  2. Decrease soil erosion
  3. Enhance arable land productivity
  4. Lower fertilizer usage
  5. Utilize recycled water for irrigation
  6. Support energy saving practices
  7. Cut green house gas emission
  8. Promote sustainable productivity


  1. Initiate voluntary educational projects
  2. Promote sustainable water practices
  3. Share advanced agro know how
  4. Initiate voluntary educational activities
  5. Capacity building among growers in markets
  6. Share advanced agro technology
  7. Social awareness of water harvesting
  8. Initiate social campaign


  1. Maintain a high level of transparency
  2. Follow global reporting initiative (GRI) principles
  3. Follow regularly to various global organizations
  4. Comprehensive business code of conduct
  5. Comply with the highest international standards
  6. Commitment to employee well being
  7. High economic return on a water unit
  8. challenge in worldwide farming

Welcome to our agroService company

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